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Our client

Dexter*, suffered an inflammation of the tissues surrounding his brain (the meninges) which caused permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy after his obstetric and neonatal team failed to respond to signs of infection in the hours following his delivery.

Did the hospital admit fault?

After detailed investigation and court proceedings, the hospital accepted that proper care would have avoided the damaging inflammation of Dexter's meninges and his cerebral palsy. 

The compensation

With neonatal negligence liability admitted an interim payment of medical negligence compensation damages was obtained by our expert claims team for Dexter and his family. This allowed the family to buy a house suitable for adaptation to meet Dexter’s needs and to recruit carers to assist in meeting these needs.

Dexter's needs were assessed and, shortly before the date set for trial, agreement of the value of his neonatal negligence compensation claim was reached at a sum of over £3 million.

* All names have been changed to protect client privacy.