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Our client, Mr H, was riding his moped when he collided with a car performing a 3 point turn. He flew over his handle bars and landed on his head on the curb. He suffered a number of injuries including a brief loss of consciousness, a head injury that resulted in migraines and post-concussion headaches, a whiplash injury to his neck and back and pain in his right lower limb and foot.

Another firm of solicitors initially advised Mr H that his personal injury claim was worth £2-3,000. 

Boyes Turner's Personal Injury team took over the road traffic accident case a year and a half after the accident and obtained neurological and updated orthopaedic evidence.

Our client worked as a self-employed landscape gardener. The medical prognosis provided that he would suffer with permanent migraines, pain in his neck and pins and needles in his right leg. These injuries would affect his ability to do strenuous activity and put him at a disadvantage in the labour market.

The defendants made a Part 36 offer to settle for £22,000 but Boyes Turner negotiated a settlement of £28,500.

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