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Following the death of her husband Bill* in 2009, Sally* instructed Boyes Turner specialist medical negligence team to represent her in a medical negligence claim against three separate doctors who all failed to refer Bill for a cardiac review, including an exercise ECG test.

Bill had a known history of heart problems and was advised that he had a 34% chance of having a cardiac event in the next 10 years after a relative also suffered a cardiac event.

Despite attending his GP surgery on three separate occasions over a period of 7 months complaining of burning upper retrosternal pain, each doctor failed to refer him for an exercise ECG, treating the problem as a reflux issue, and sadly Bill collapsed at home and died.

Boyes Turner's medical negligence solicitors obtained expert medical opinion in relation to Bill's treatment. The experts confirmed that the care he received was negligent and if he had been referred for an exercise ECG, the findings would have been such that he would have been referred for an angiogram, and then referred on for surgery. If he had been given the necessary medical treatment, his death would have been avoided.

A letter setting out the allegations of negligence was sent to each doctor in July 2012. Only one of the doctors provided a response which was considered unsatisfactory and so court proceedings were issued against all three doctors in August 2012.

As each doctor continued to deny liability a trial was set for November 2014. However, in August 2013 settlement discussions began and subsequently an offer of £100,000 was made by two of the three doctors involved. The third doctor continued to deny any liability for Bill's death. Boyes Turner advised Sally that this was not an adequate settlement and the offer was rejected.

Bill had run his own successful business prior to his death, and the value of the claim related to the financial income that Bill would have provided to his family but for his death. A claim was also brought for Bill's own pain and suffering, and the costs associated with his funeral.

Preparation for trial continued until the two doctors invited the family to consider settlement negotiations in June 2014. Following these negotiations a settlement was reached in the sum of £250,000.