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Our personal injury claim lawyers recently settled a claim for £25,000 for a client injured in a road traffic accident involving a moped.

The claimant, who was permanently disabled, was hit in the rear by defendant driver causing him to come off his moped.

On the day in question, the claimant was driving on his moped to his local chemist to pick up a prescription. Whilst driving on the motorway he was hit from the rear by a van. The third party driver drove off, leaving the claimant lying injured on the pavement without assistance.

The claimant was rendered unconscious as a result of the accident which caused him retrograde and post-traumatic amnesia. He also suffered a ruptured rotator cuff injury to his shoulder including his shoulder being completely dislocated. He also suffered a wrist injury. Paramedics attended the scene of the accident and took him straight to A&E.

The claimant’s range of movement as a result of his injuries has been reduced and he now relies on his wife and son for care and assistance with daily activities.

We have managed to establish that the defendant was negligent and in breach of the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act 1988. Liability was admitted.

The matter was settled out of court for £25,000.