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Our expert medical negligence solicitors helped a woman win over £220,000 in compensation after she suffered damage to her spinal nerves, incontinence and paralysis of her legs following negligent management of her spinal surgery.

Our client suffered a post-operative bleed and a clot causing complete paralysis of her legs. There was a delay in recognition and treatment of the haematoma, as a result of which the client suffered damage to her spinal nerves leading to faecal and urinary incontinence. Some function in her legs has been recovered but she has been left with relatively poor mobility, muscle spasm and difficulty with fine finger movement.

The claim was funded by FirstAssist 'Before The Event' legal expenses insurance and then subsequently under the terms of a No Win, No Fee Agreement once the legal expenses policy had been exhausted.

A detailed letter of claim was sent to the hospital and court proceedings were commenced soon after. A defence served on behalf of the hospital denied all allegations of negligence and the case proceeded towards trial.

As the matter proceeded towards trial the solicitors acting for the hospital entered negotiations and ultimately the case settled for £221,000. This sum represented a discount to the full value of the claim bearing in mind complexities surrounding both alleged negligence and whether the injury could have been avoided in any event.