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Our expert medical negligence claims team achieved a settlement of £21,250 for a 47 year old lady who suffered four separate injuries during an explorative key-hole procedure.

This lady had a history of heavy periods and abdominal pain. After other options had been explored a decision was made to perform a diagnostic surgical procedure to see if the source of pain could be identified. The surgery went ahead in April 2010. In the recovery ward it became apparent that the woman was going into shock. She was returned to theatre and underwent a laparotomy (an open excision rather than a key-hole procedure). A significant amount of blood was found in her abdomen and four separate areas of damage were located. The woman’s blood pressure plummeted and she required cardiac massage. Her right fallopian tube and ovary were removed and when her condition failed to improve, a hysterectomy was performed to allow access to the necessary blood vessels.

She was left with an open wound and transferred to Intensive Care. She was returned to theatre the next day for the abdominal packs to be removed.

The claimant instructed Boyes Turner to pursue a claim for compensation against the hospital trust for surgical negligence. Expert evidence was obtained from a consultant gynaecologist. In his opinion the surgeon had used excessive force during the key-hole procedure and as a result caused internal injuries resulting in the bleeding and the need for the hysterectomy and removal of her right ovary.

A letter of claim was sent to the trust and a formal offer of settlement was made at the same time. The defendant responded before their investigations were complete, making a counter-offer. Following negotiation the case settled for £21,250.

There was no cost to the client in pursuing this claim.