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The delivery of Melanie*’s first baby was an extremely distressing experience for her. There were a number of failures on the part of the hospital, including a failure to obtain Melanie’s consent to use forceps and a failure to heed her request for an episiotomy. 

During the delivery Melanie sustained significant injuries to her posterior vaginal wall and a third degree tear of her anal sphincter. 

It was alleged that the Specialist Registrar failed to carry out an adequate primary repair of the tear.  As a result, Melanie suffers from severe ongoing symptoms of fetal incontinence, which has not significantly improved following a second repair operation. Her significant disabling incontinence affects her daily life, restricts her ability to work and has left her virtually housebound. She has been psychologically affected by her distressing symptoms. 

The hospital denied liability throughout the claim. Expert evidence was obtained by Boyes Turner from an obstetrician, a colorectal surgeon and a psychiatrist.

Just one month before trial was due to take place a settlement of £200,000 was successfully negotiated for Melanie. Melanie will be able to use some of this money to undergo private treatment to try and improve her symptoms of incontinence.

There was no cost to Melanie in bringing the claim.