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Written by Kim Milan

Boyes Turner’s head injury lawyers secured a £2million settlement for a teenage boy who suffered severe head injuries when he ran across a road at night and was hit by a taxi. The 16-year-old was thrown onto the opposite carriageway and collided with another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Our client suffered catastrophic injuries, including a severe, permanent head injury. He underwent surgery but made  slow progress and was eventually discharged into the care of his mother two years later. He is wheelchair dependant and needs assistance with all activities. His communication skills are impaired and he has limited insight into his condition. He suffers from depression and mood swings.

Our client’s head injury meant that he had no memory of the accident and was unable to remember how the accident occurred. There was no clear evidence to prove whether he stopped or looked before crossing the road or whether he ran into the road without warning. Witness evidence was inconsistent and the case was fought on accident reconstruction expert evidence. The defendant taxi driver didn’t see our client when the collision took place but denied liability (fault) on the basis that he had no opportunity to take evasive action.

This was a difficult case for a very severely injured client who needed compensation to meet his extensive needs arising from his injury and disability. Given the defendant insurer’s denial of liability and the lack of evidence from independent witnesses and our own client about the circumstances of the accident, there was a high risk that our client’s case might not succeed at trial. Shortly before the trial, however, the defendant’s insurer made an offer to settle the claim for £2 million, on the basis of 42% liability (58% contributory negligence) in our client’s favour. Our client accepted the offer, and settlement was approved at £2 million, providing our client with much needed financial assistance for the future.