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The group recovered £190,000 in compensation for a 49 year old woman following a privately performed shoulder operation.

It was alleged that during the operation the woman sustained tissue and ligament damage. As a result of this she dislocated her collarbone the day after the operation, but this was not diagnosed for a further two days. The defendant alleged that the dislocation must have been caused by a fall at home following discharge.

As a result of the dislocation the woman underwent three further surgical procedures of reconstructive surgery and intensive rehabilitation. She is left with a permanent restriction of movement.

The group instructed three experts to assist on the case in the disciplines of orthopaedic surgeon, psychiatrist and care expert. The orthopaedic surgeon was supportive of the fact that the shoulder operation was performed negligently. He believed that as a result of tissue and ligaments being damaged during the procedure the woman sustained a dislocated shoulder bone and required further surgery.

Formal court proceedings were served upon the defendant, who strongly denied liability. Following late negotiations a settlement of £190,000 was achieved just two months before trial was due to take place. There was no cost to the client in bringing the claim, which was brought on a no win no fee basis.