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Our mesothelioma claims lawyers were instructed by Mr G following his suffering of mesothelioma as a consequence of exposure to asbestos.

Mr G trained as a carpenter in the mid 1950’s and went on to work for his employer at Ministry of Defence sites at Aldermaston and Harwell, the latter being an atomic energy site. In the course of this employment, Mr G was heavily exposed to asbestos when carrying out repairs, modifications and installation of pipes that were lagged in asbestos. Mr G would have to chip away at the old asbestos lagging to repair or modify existing pipes. Afterwards a team of asbestos laggers would apply new asbestos lagging to the pipe work Mr G had either worked on or installed. Mr G was often working in close proximity to the laggers which exposed him to copious amounts of injurious asbestos dust.

Boyes Turner specialist claims solicitors attended Mr G and took a detailed statement from him and his wife as well as from an independent witness regarding Mr G’s asbestos exposure history.

Boyes Turner also assisted Mr G in applying for government benefits to which he was entitled, namely Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and a lump sum payment under the Pneumoconiosis (etc) (Workers Compensation) Act 1979 and at the same time began to investigate his potential legal claim.

The defendant refused to negotiate a settlement of the claim and denied liability. Boyes Turner issued and served court proceedings and the matter proceeded through the specialist asbestos division of the High Court.

The claim put forward by Boyes Turner in the High Court was such that the defendant conceded liability following the service of proceedings.

The defendant agreed that Mr G should receive an interim payment of £50,000 immediately and thereafter the claim was settled in the total sum of £175,000 in full and final settlement of the claim.

Mr G was delighted that his claim was settled during his life time as it gave him closure and afforded him the knowledge that his wife would be financially sound on his passing.