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Mr J contacted Boyes Turner specialist cycle accident solicitors, to represent him in his claim for personal injury and loss as a result of a cycling accident which occurred in May 2011 on the Albert Embankment, London.

Mr J was cycling when the defendant drove his moped across his path of travel, causing a collision. Mr J was thrown over the handlebars and fell hard on the ground sustaining injuries to his right knee, right ankle and middle finger. Symptoms included constant anterior knee pain and patella-femoral crepitus. The pain persisted and he found it difficult to walk or pursue any physical activities as a result.

The matter initially proceeded in the MOJ RTA online portal scheme where the defendant admitted liability for the accident within stage 1. The claim exited the scheme due to the defendant’s insurer’s failure to respond to a request for an interim payment as per the protocols for the scheme.

Boyes Turner specialist cycling accident claims team obtained an initial medical report from Mr Browne, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who recommended separate specialist reports in relation to Mr J's psychiatric and continuing knee injuries.

Reports were duly commissioned from a knee specialist and a Consultant Psychiatrist. Mr J was recommended CBT Treatment and specialist sports physiotherapy treatment to assist his physical and psychological injuries towards recovery. Unfortunately, Mr J lost his job because of the accident and was unable to fund any of the recommended treatment. We made a formal application for interim payment with the Court and the defendant was ordered to pay £10,000 by way of an interim payment. 

The defendant made a Part 36 offer in full and final settlement of his claim for £80,000. Following consideration and formulation of quantum, negotiations were entered into with the defendant whereby the claimant counter-offered and settlement was reached at £120,000. The claim was funded by way of No Win No Fee Agreement.