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Written by Kim Milan

Boyes Turner’s personal injury team secured a £110,000 compensation settlement for a pillion passenger who suffered an elbow fracture and soft tissue injuries after the motorcycle on which she was riding pillion collided with a car.

Our client was riding pillion on a motorbike which was being driven close to the car in front, when the car suddenly changed lanes in heavy motorway traffic. The car clipped the motorcycle as it changed lanes, causing the front wheel to flip and the motorbike came to rest on the central reservation. The motorcyclist suffered minor bruising, but his pillion passenger, our client, suffered a fractured elbow and soft tissue injuries to her neck, lower back, hip and knees. She made a good recovery and suffered only residual aching from her soft tissue injuries. She needed three surgical procedures on her elbow and has a risk of developing osteoarthritis in the elbow.

At the time of the accident, our client worked as a senior domestic assistant in a hospital. She had plans to study and to qualify as a paramedic. As a result of her injuries, she was left unable to cope with more than very light manual work and was forced to give up her job.

We pursued our client’s compensation claim against both the car driver who changed lanes too quickly and the motorcyclist who was driving to close to the vehicle in front to take evasive action when the car pulled out. Proceedings were issued and a negotiated settlement reached for £110,000, which took into account our client’s loss of her chance to train as a paramedic and her future loss of earnings.