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Written on 19th July 2021

What made you go into law?

Law seemed to fit well with some of the subjects I particularly enjoyed at school, but I also knew that I wanted to do something in my career that helped people in some way. I had a strong sense of “fairness” and justice and I loved the idea of defending and fighting for people who had been wronged, or to help them to stand up for their rights. I decided quite early on at school that I wanted to be a human rights lawyer.  Through volunteering whilst at university and then later through work, I experienced various different elements of social welfare law. I particularly enjoyed helping people to access support that they are entitled to. After working as a paralegal for a couple of years in housing law, and then Public Law, I initially qualified as a medical negligence solicitor. I then moved back into “Public Law”, advising on community care matters and representing clients in health and welfare Court of Protection proceedings.

When did you join Boyes Turner and what is your role?

I joined Boyes Turner in May 2021. I am a solicitor in the Court of Protection team. As well as assisting in the management of property and affairs Deputyship funds, I advise on community care and health and welfare Court of Protection issues and I am leading the growth of the firm’s practice in this area.  My community care work involves supporting adults and children who have a disability or other condition that impacts their day to day lives, to access support services from their local council or the NHS. I also provide advice to individuals on issues relating to mental capacity in a health and welfare context. This includes advising on how to resolve disputes about decisions such as where a person should live or the care and treatment that they should receive. I represent either the individual who lacks mental capacity (“P”) or their family members in ongoing Court of Protection proceedings where the Court has been asked to make a decision about a person’s best interests. I also assist individuals to bring applications to be appointed health and welfare Deputy. The issues that I cover are very varied and no two cases are the same.

What do you like most about/what are you most looking forward to in your new role?

My favourite part of my role is getting to know and working in collaboration with my clients and their families, who are some of the most inspiring, hard-working and resilient people I have ever met. They have often been through some very challenging experiences and have had to work extremely hard to improve their lives and those of their family members and I am always struck by the amount of dedication to do so. I can’t think of anything that could be more motivating to a lawyer! I really enjoy helping to ensure that people who lack mental capacity to make particular decisions still have a voice and that their rights as human beings are protected. I also enjoy problem solving and helping to break down a complicated situation into accessible steps. The law belongs to all of us, not just to lawyers, but our complicated legal system can often be difficult for those without legal training to navigate.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love being outdoors and walking or running in the countryside. I also love to travel. I want to see as much of the world as possible, but my favourite place to visit is Germany, where I spent a year as a student in 2010 and love to go back to stay with friends and to enjoy a cold glass of “Weizen”! Having recently moved house and now having a little more space, I’m contemplating getting a dog and/or getting a piano as I used to play when I was younger…so watch this space!

What is your favourite food?

Without a doubt, Indian food.  I spent 3 weeks travelling across India in 2017 and tasted the most delicious food I’ve ever had, from dosas and idli for breakfast in Kerala, to methi matar malai and palak paneer in North India. I have tried my hardest to replicate some of the dishes at home since, but they have never come close!

If you or a member of your family have any concerns regarding community care please contact the court of protection team by email on