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Written on 25th April 2023 by Meet the Team – Ellie Adams

What made you go into law?

I stumbled into law when I had left my last field of work, emergency medicine, and was looking to start a new career doing something different. I saw a role advertised for an administration assistant at Penningtons Manches (as it was at the time) and from there I progressed up the ladder; I went from making photocopies of court bundles for the family team to eventually managing my own court applications and deputyships in the COP team at Freeths LLP. So, in all honesty – I didn’t want to go into law, I wandered into it when I needed a job, and then realised it was the path to stick to.

When did you join Boyes Turner and what is your role?

I joined in February 2023 as a Senior Paralegal in the COP team.

What do you like most about/what are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I like that everyone in the team is open and friendly, I’ve not met a single person who wouldn’t want to help me if I asked. I also like that I am branching into a new area of COP that I haven’t had much experience in before, it makes a massive change to what I am used to – I’ve gone from managing deputyships for elderly people and adults with mental health problems to assisting in cases involving birth injuries; so I’m looking forward to getting more experience in the new type of work I’m doing.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love going on walks through forests and nature reserves with my fiancé, when weather permits, and join nature walks with wildlife trusts in the area. I also like preserving nature in my own garden, we have a hedgehog hotel, bird houses, and have planted flowers that bees and butterflies like to try and protect our ecosystem. I have a fruit and vegetable patch so I grow my own food, I love gardening, and I am obsessed with houseplants. I have two rabbits, Ash and Misty, who love to help harvest the carrots and cauliflower from the beds…getting them to let go is a challenge.

Other than being one with nature, I am a burlesque dancer outside of work and perform in several shows a year with my troupe, The Scrumpets – my stage name is Walnut Whip! Check us out on Instagram!  

What is your favourite food?

It’s difficult to pick just one as I am a chef at heart, and I’d love to say nothing beats my homegrown raspberries, but ultimately nothing beats cheap, shop bought chocolate digestive biscuits – they have a special place in my heart, and no one in the history of mankind has ever had just one…

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