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Written on 14th December 2020 by Ruth Meyer

What made you go into law?

I chose a law degree because of its range of employment prospects and transferable skills. However as my studies continued I grew a passion for the application of the law and the ability to make a change to someone’s life. This was made clear to me in my final year at university when I completed a module in a law clinic in Liverpool, where I helped people who were deemed stateless gain lawful residence in the UK. This exposure to the work of solicitors cemented my desire for a career in a legal environment that is people orientated. Fortunately a paralegal position in the Court of Protection of Boyes Turner became available and I saw this as an opportunity I could not miss!

When did you join Boyes Turner and what is your role?

I joined Boyes Turner in November 2020 as a paralegal. Prior to this I graduated from the University of Liverpool in July 2020 and began to work for the County Court in Reading in their Court of Protection team. This gave me an invaluable insight into processes and procedures which helped me in my move to Boyes Turner.

Previously I spent a few days at Boyes Turner whilst at university for some work experience, so I was very eager to take on my new role on a permanent basis.

What do you look forward to in your new role?

As a new paralegal I look forward to a busy working environment where I will have a variety of tasks that all contribute to the benefit of the clients and assist the team. As my first formal legal role in private practice I am eager to learn and develop and be a key team player in a niche but growing area of law.

Clients that we deal with are often in vulnerable positions so need, empathy, understanding and careful application of the Law. I will take great pride in putting my formal education and skills towards making a real difference to the livelihood of families and individuals.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to keep active whenever possible. I play for a local football team in Reading and also enjoy running and going to the gym. I am very competitive when it comes to sport, to the extent that the record for the oldest amateur football player is 83 and expect to beat this record play for as long as possible!

Many of my friends from university live in the north so I try to visit them when possible, and use any spare time to travel to new places.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of joining the legal profession?

I would advise to take your time. Everyone finds their desired career path at different paces. I would also strongly advise to research into what area of law you are passionate about and go from there. I would try to seek any work experience or insights into your chosen field and make meaningful connections to give yourself the best chance to stand out from everyone else when applying for future roles. Even a few days of work experience can help. Also, be aware of the different routes to becoming a lawyer or the variety in which legal work can take place. With this portfolio of skills and experience you will be in the best position possible to join the legal profession.

With a legal career being notoriously competitive it is not something you can fall into, all experience and preparation will be invaluable to your success in the future.