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Written on 15th October 2020 by Ruth Meyer

So here is my regular update. Things are gradually moving along and plans have been submitted to the local authority. 

We have just moved the meter from the garage to the outside of the house and the garage is to be converted into Belle’s bedroom. We are not allowed to have the meter inside the house, hence the move. However, it has also given us the opportunity to upgrade the meter to a more powerful one. This is crucial as we are now going to have a much bigger house.  You can see from the pictures that this is quite an extensive job.

The best bit? The cost was originally £3,200 but Belle’s very tenacious parents have managed to reduce it to £1,630 and have even managed to get the VAT off! So well done to them! The point is that everything is negotiable and all these savings mount up and really help Belle’s finances.

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