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Written on 12th March 2021 by Ruth Meyer

It has been more than two months since my last write up so I thought should get you up-to-date with an important development in the adaptation of Belle’s house. We now have planning permission! This has taken much longer than anticipated due to a disgruntled neighbour who decided to object to the plans. Unfortunately, these things happen and it can be very disheartening for the family but you have to face these things head on and then deal with them as quickly as possible.

Planning was submitted last autumn but the neighbour complained that the extension was too large and would block out light to their side rooms. Our clients wanted to be as accommodating as possible and agreed to adjust the plans and try and see if the neighbours would agree them prior to them being submitted. They refused.

Clearly things were getting worse. However, for me as a deputy as well as for Belle’s parents, the question is what is right for Belle? We decided to:

  1. Appeal the original decision without amendment.
  2. Submit a new application through a specialist company which had some slight adjustments to it.

The second application was to run in tandem with the appeal so that we would effectively have “two bites at the cherry”. It is the second application that has been approved.

The parents are thrilled as well as I am. We are now waiting to see the timeframe for the appeal of the first application and if it is soon, then we will most likely wait for that before deciding which route to take in the adaptation process.

We do not want to wait too long however, as the family are in rented accommodation and want to press ahead with their forever home as soon as possible.

In the meantime, matters have not stood still! From the attached pictures you will see that some guttering has taken place which is amazing considering everything against us at the moment: unhappy neighbour, bad weather and of course the national pandemic!

Matters should now move along much faster. Watch this space...