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Written on 23rd May 2022 by Ruth Meyer

I am delighted to say that this is my final update.  I am delighted because we have completed on this magnificent project and the family have moved in. 

It has taken many months to reach this stage and I’ve taken this journey with Belle and her parents.  I would love to say it was all straightforward but we’ve had to overcome unwarranted complaints by a neighbour regarding initial plans as well as fluctuations in pricing for labour and materials and the removal of a very large tree.

However, I have now attached lots of pictures of the completed project. 

When I visited the house I had a real sense of calmness which I am sure will help Belle and her family who are now in their forever home. 

Particular care has been paid to the tracking for the hoists, colours to break up areas of wall and above all storage.  You can never have too much storage especially where you have a child with disabilities but everything is carefully hidden away but still easily accessible. 

And, what do the family think? “Happy is an understatement”

Particular thanks to our architect Mark Mason of Grumitt Wade Mason based in Brighton who commented; ‘It was a pleasure to work with all involved on this project.  With everyone’s help, the family now have the property they had wished for and have a versatile space that will adapt as the family’s needs change.