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Written on 9th December 2020 by Ruth Meyer

So here we are with another exciting update on Belle’s new home. You can see from the pictures that the conservatory has now been removed. In fact it produced enough rubble to fill two skips and took two days to dismantle. The floor was made up of solid concrete and a petrol cutter and sledgehammer were both used to break it up.  Eventually this area will form part of a new living room for Belle and a new family living room.  


The fireplace has also been removed from the main living room as this is not required. It was quite a big job as the whole chimney breast had to come out. This was quite a difficult to do as the surround is made of solid stone. Originally the family hoped to take it out in one piece as it is a beautiful fireplace that can be sold on but eventually it was so heavy it had to come out in sections and be lifted out. Buyers have already been in touch! The area by this fireplace will form a corridor to Belle’s bedroom, living room and wet room.

Diary of a House  

It is still early days but interesting to see how developments progress and to ensure that whatever can be recycled or sold is done so. Every little helps!

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