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Written on 28th February 2017 by Ruth Meyer

Emma Wheeldon

Emma is a paralegal in the Court of Protection team, assisting Ruth and the team with Deputyship and Personal Injury Trust work. Emma deals with clients on a day-to-day basis as well as liaising with other professionals in order to make the clients’ lives as easy as possible wherever she can.

How does working in the Court of Protection team compare with other jobs you have had?

No two days are ever the same! In previous jobs my work has been similar most days and almost predictable, but in the Court of Protection team this is never the case and this is what I love! Most days I have a plan of what I am going to get done but one phone call can change a whole morning and a new plan takes over.

I find it so rewarding when helping our vulnerable clients and their families to find a solution to a problem that has occurred.

What is a typical day like in the Court of Protection team?

It has been said many times I could have a variety of job titles such as banker, interior designer, managing agent, PA, social worker, travel coordinator, along with a few others. My job definitely varies on a day-to day basis.In the morning when I arrive there is normally a pile of invoices that need to be checked and payments made, which can range from house deposits to gardening work. We have a number of ongoing house adaptation projects – I regularly speak to the client’s family regarding decoration and appliances to pass information onto the builder.

I may be ticking off that to-do-list when I get a phone call saying a taxi has not arrived where it should be for a client and they are going to miss a hospital appointment, or a call that a family’s boiler has broken down and they have no heating.  In this instance I have to act quickly to find a solution to the problem, as although no one likes to be without their heating or hot water, for our vulnerable children and adults it is crucial that their heating is working.It may then be the end of the day and before I leave the office I receive an urgent invoice for a piece of equipment that will greatly enhance a young child’s life. I always like to make sure these payments are actioned straightaway as this one piece of equipment can make all the difference to the child.

What is the most memorable event that happened whilst you were in this team?

There are so many memorable moments and I couldn’t possibly list them all. One of my favourite moments is when I received a physiotherapist’s report regarding a child who had not received physiotherapy input for many years and was really in need of some therapy. After researching many physiotherapists, I found someone who could visit the client. After just a few sessions the report I received highlighted the incredible differences the therapist had made to this child’s life. It is so rewarding to know that the hard work paid off and the child was really benefiting from the therapy.

I feel that I am in a very privileged position to be able to help some very vulnerable children and adults. Life has changed so unexpectedly for our families and I have total admiration for what they do every single day. If I can help our clients and families by taking a little bit of pressure from them and helping sort a problem then I can go home knowing I have made a difference.