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Written on 8th December 2021 by Emma Wheeldon

All children, no matter what their unique needs or disability should be able to access play.  

Play is a fundamental part of human development and how children learn and develop.  TVAP can support children with holistic provision and play opportunities. Whether someone has a severe physical disability or an invisible one, TVAP can provide an enriching environment for all.

The playground (in Maidenhead, Berkshire) hosts indoor and outdoor play and is open to all children, teenagers and adults with additional needs who may have a physical or learning disability, sensory impairment, behavioural difficulties, autism and unable to access mainstream play provision.  TVAP offer a support network for the children and adults that attend, as well as to their families, siblings and carers.  They are also able to offer respite and provide advice for families and carers.   

The outside area at TVAP looks very similar to a mainstream adventure playground, but it has a hidden wow factor!  Whilst wheelchair users can travel through the wooden bridges on the outdoor play area and access the huge wooden fort, other children can enjoy the excitement of whizzing along the 40 metre zip wire. The zip wire is a favourite and has a specially adapted seat and safety harness so it can be safely used by children or adults with physical disabilities. Any warm weather provides even more excitement with a fully accessible water play area. Wheelchair users can ride up the ramp to access the water shooters and spray their friends or family!

If the weather is not so good or a little indoor play is required TVAP have a large indoor area overlooking a beautiful lake, which includes an enticing sensory room for calm time and a large accessible soft play room. The play ideas are endless with a home, craft, musical and dressing up area.

We got in touch with TVAP to explore what they can offer to children with additional needs and they told us:

“Our Playground is an OFSTED-registered day-care facility built on a fantastic 2.5-acre site adjacent to the A4 in Taplow, near Maidenhead, which is open to children and adults with all types of special need, their families, schools, care homes, day centres, nurseries, play schemes and to other groups and associations supporting special needs people and their families.”

We also contacted a local parent who has used TVAP’s facilities a number of times to hear what they had to say about it:

“TVAP is a very special playground.  Why shouldn’t children who have additional needs be able to access and enjoy play like all other children and this is where TVAP comes to the rescue.  It was fantastic to watch my son access the amazing facilities with no judgment and at his own pace.  The staff are all incredibly supportive, skilled and ready to help if required. They hold fantastic skills in setting up and supporting play between children who have additional needs and others who do not which is a lovely learning opportunity for all involved.  Every visit holds a new activity and a firm favourite was the water area in the summer and also the fantastic bike track where the children can use accessible bikes to take a leisurely trip around the track or race if they wish.  TVAP is also a lifeline in that all the family can visit whether they have additional needs or not.  My daughter could play with her brother in the most accessible and inclusive environment just like other siblings can play in regular playgrounds.  They could bond and spend time together rather than her having to play on her own."

If you have any queries or questions about how to support someone to make their own decisions then please contact our Court of Protection team by email at