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Written on 2nd February 2022

12 Charities of Xmas: Charity Spotlight - Contact

Contact is a charity founded in the 1970’s by families of disabled children. These families shared a common experience and recognised how important it was to support each other and so that charity was formed.

12 Charities of Xmas: Step and Learn – improving the lives of those living with cerebral palsy

Step and Learn is a charity dedicated to assisting the physical and educational improvements of children with Cerebral Palsy. They aim to view each child holistically, educating and motivating them through play to become active and independent participants in their daily lives.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Thames Valley Adventure Playground (TVAP) – Accessible Play for All

Play is a fundamental part of human development and how children learn and develop.  TVAP can support children with holistic provision and play opportunities. Whether someone has a severe physical disability or an invisible one, TVAP can provide an enriching environment for all.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Charity Spotlight - Challengers and Mark

Highlighting the fantastic work of the charities that our clients have used, we shine our spotlight on the incredible efforts of the team at Challengers.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Outdoor adventures for all

Calvert Trust Exmoor is set on the edge of the beautiful Exmoor National Park and is a holiday centre catering for children and adults with a range of disabilities.  The people who attend the centre have a range of disabilities and suffer from cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, autism and spinal cord injury.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Me2 Club – #Inclusion for All

Me2 Club is a charity for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities.  They operate in the Wokingham and Reading boroughs, and support children and young people between the ages of five and 19 to take part in mainstream leisure activities with a “buddy” so they can join in and have fun.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: HASAG Asbestos Disease Support: ‘Providing free support, guidance and information to people with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases’

Boyes Turner is proud to be a legal panel member of HASAG Asbestos Disease Support, a charity who provide support to people with asbestos-related diseases and their families.  They offer information and advice, counselling, help with benefits applications and assistance with compensation claims.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Charity Spotlight: Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme and Ellie

Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme (“CAAP”) is a charity set up and run by a group of parents of children with additional needs. CAAP’s mission statement is to “endeavour to commission activities that are accessible, organise funding and supply equipment to ensure every child has access to as many activities as possible during the school holidays.”

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Charity Spotlight: Reading FC Community Trust and Abdul

In the latest article in our series highlighting the work of charities that have made a difference in the lives of our clients, we’re taking a look at the important work being done with vulnerable children and young people in and around Reading by one of our clients and his colleagues at Reading Football Club.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Camp Mohawk - a woodland wonderland

As you drive up the country lane towards Camp Mohawk you soon realise that you are entering a magical place that welcomes the whole family to a soothing woodland environment, where they can interact with the nature and relax, knowing there will be no judgement from strangers unaware of the unique pressures that a family faces when they have a child with disabilities. 

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Rebuilding Lives after Brain Injury

Headway Thames Valley is a local charity working tirelessly to improve life after brain injury. It provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers as well as campaigning to reduce the incidence of brain injury in the Thames Valley.

12 Charities of Xmas Series: Charity Spotlight: Oxford Hospitals Charity and Jonathan

Recently I was taken by the compassion and altruism of my client’s parents. I consulted with them recently on the terms of their son’s statutory will. I made a note of their preference to return the unused funds upon their son’s death. At first I thought this was quite unusual, but now I have come to realise how meaningful and moving it is.